Tax Benefit related to Interest paid on Education Loan

Section 80E

In today’s times, getting a higher education has become a point of concern where the fees for such education are touching the sky. As they say, the only thing costlier than education is ignorance.

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One Time Relaxation for Verification of Past ITRs

Central Board of Direct Taxes announces an open window for one time to complete verification of ITRs filed electronically in the past years but is pending for verification.

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Benefits Of Mediclaim Insurance from Tax Perspective


It is always advised to everyone that better be safe than worry. It applies not just for health but also financial requirements for health. Thus, health insurance, popularly known as medical insurance is an important and mandatory investment in your investment portfolio. To encourage this investment, government provides tax benefits in the form of deduction of the investment made in medical insurance. This tax benefit is over and above of the investments stated under Section 80C/CC/CCD and is claimed under section 80D.

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Tax on Cash Withdrawal above Rs 1 Crore

In order to promote digital financial transactions and curb cash transactions, the government has introduced Section 194N in the Union Budget of 2019. This section is further amended by the Finance Act 2020, where tax has been imposed in the form of TDS on cash withdrawal above Rs 1 crore by any taxpayer.

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Donation to PM CARES Fund

The donors shall be eligible to claim 100% of the amount of donation as a deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act while filing their income tax returns.

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Instant e-PAN under Income Tax Department

Our finance minister had announced in the Union Budget that a facility for an instant e-PAN shall be launched. Accordingly, this facility has been launched and available where taxpayers can apply for PAN basis the Adhaar they hold. Through this facility, applicants can apply and get PAN immediately and free of cost.

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Deduction under section 80DDB of Income Tax Act

The Income Tax Act has a section that allows a deduction from income, in respect of any expenditure incurred by an assessee towards treatment any disease or ailment which is specified under Rule 11DD. Thus where a resident assessee has incurred any expenditure for medical treatment of specified disease, for himself or a dependant, such assessee shall be allowed a deduction, under section 80DDB, in the year in which such amount was paid.

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Advance Tax – Dates, Penalty and Interest

All about Advance Tax for Taxpayers

What is Advance Tax?

As it can be easily understood, it is payment of the taxes in advance instead of lump sum payment at the end of the year. A taxpayer is liable to pay taxes in advance i.e. before the end of the year. Any taxpayer whose tax liability for the year is Rs. 10,000/- and more shall be liable to pay advance tax. It is popularly known as ‘pay as you earn’ scheme.

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As we are in the mid of March which is last month of the financial year, many of us are concerned as to where and how much to invest to save tax. As one can claim a set limit deduction from his / her income under the Income Tax Act, one must be very careful about the amount of investment.

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The Income Tax Department may keep an eye on those buyers who have brought property from non-resident and have failed to deduct/deposit TDS on the purchase of property from a non-resident.

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